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The Epiglottis

Have you ever shortened words for kids to pronounce easily?? Like for example, chicken becomes chickaa– , banana becomes nana, and so on. How many of just say hippo or rhino instead of hippopotamus or rhinoceros?! 🙋🏻‍♀️Well I have done it! Now the problem with it is that the child carries it with them till they are in school! Which is not kinda cool 😕

Initially they can’t say some words and they themselves come up with the short version and we also take it up. Sometimes they’re so cute you don’t feel like correcting them 🙈 For instance, my daughter used to say “Goomomi” instead of Good morning and nobody wanted to correct her, it was the cutest thing to hear in the morning in the squeaky voice😍 Instead of correcting her, we all took it up, now everybody said Goomomi 🤷🏻‍♀️

Obviously when they grow up and start going to school, they are going to realize that what they are saying is wrong and would ultimately take up the right pronunciation.

Recently a very interesting thing happened at home. I was reading a book named Just like Daddy to my girls. It’s a very simple, beginner stage book with short and repetitive sentences and a very cute illustrations. Perfect for beginning readers. There is a part in the book where the little bear yawns a big wide yawn just like his daddy.

My younger daughter scans the picture after I read it and asks me “Maa, what’s that?”, pointing into his mouth. I was not sure what to tell her. I tried to say it’s her mouth and a yawn and all but it wasn’t satisfying. Then I said, “It’s the epiglottis. ” (My biology teacher is not gonna be very happy, because that’s the uvula and not the epiglottis 🤦🏼‍♀️)

And my daughter just repeated it perfectly. Epiglottis! I thought it would be difficult. But it wasn’t.

We think too much about the children. We should give them more appreciation and belief for their worth. They are capable of more than what we imagine!

So, offer them the full cup, let them decide whether they want to drink it full or half or make a new cupful itself.

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Mother emotions

What is happiness?

Giggling to fart sounds, doing funny dances, Having company to cook, midnight cuddles, warm hugs at the end of school.

What is an adventure?

Going to church, doing the groceries and going to the park, amidst diaper changes, tantrums & plenty of snacking.

What is feeling fresh?

Sleeping through the night without having to get up for a diaper change or a feed.

What is victory?

Smuggling vegetable purées into the pasta sauce without the children noticing and seeing them enjoy it!

What is food?

Drinking reheated coffee, eating lunch at 3, tasting baby food purées.

What is a clean house?

Not applicable. Does not exist.

What is a successful day?

When you managed to have a bath and complete all the household chores.

What is a holiday?

Same situations but different locations.

What is the ideal holiday?

No cooking, lots of sleeping, no laundry, movies & no cleaning.

What is sorrow?

When they are down with cough or fever, again. When the medicines don’t seem to work. Seeing tiny chests cough continuously. Endless crying to the bleeding knee.

What is entertainment?

Peppa pig, Paw patrol, animated movies, nursery rhymes all on an infinite loop.

What is joy?

Having them receive you with screams, hugs & kisses after not seeing for a while. Baby fingers caressing your cheeks while giving you gummy smiles.

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10 ways to a quick de-stress

Stress. The most widely used word today.

Everybody seems to be suffering from stress. From morning to night. At home, at work, at college, anywhere and everywhere. We go back to our stress situations again without actually clearing out the already existent stress, which is wrong.

It is very important to clear out the stress from your system as soon as it starts building. Adding more to the current stress can be very dangerous and overcoming it may not be in our hands. Excess stress makes us behave unlike ourselves. Not only is it bad for others, it is very unhealthy for us, mentally and physically.

Below I have ten rough ways we can choose to de-stress ourselves. As soon as we feel the beginning of a stress build we must act. The earlier we do, the easier it is for us to de-stress.

(1) Try to sleep it out.

Now, trying to get some good sleep is going to be very difficult in a stress situation. Especially since all thoughts would keep coming back to you obstructing your sleep. But if at all you are able to,it will clear your mind of tremendous pressure.

(2) Walking/Jogging

Some form of exercise is always a miracle. If you are used to some routine exercise, just indulge in a hardcore session and your stress would break out with your sweat. Else if you are not an exercise person, you must go for a walk or a jog, whichever you are able do preferably where there are some trees or there’s the ocean/lake/river view. Not only are they pleasant views, they are spaces with good air that will help you greatly.

(3) A bath

A nice warm bath or cold bath, depending on the individual would do wonders. Either lie in the tub and just chill and meditate or stand under the shower and let all your stress wash away.

(4) Go for a swim

It is said that swimming stimulates the brain chemicals for a mood boost. The endorphins released as a result helps bring down the stress and anxiety any individual is facing.

(5) Massages

Massages are one of the most effective stress relievers. Personally speaking, I love my mother’s head oil massages! Massages are proven to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine, otherwise known as your happy hormones. Get a professional massage to loosen those muscles and drown away the stress. At least, ask your partner for a head or shoulder massage, it would do wonders!

(6) Pleasant fragrances

Awakening your smell senses can be very effective. Each person has a different smell inclination. Know it and remember it and always keep it accessible for a stressed day. A personal suggestion are essential oils like lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, frankincense, ylang-ylang etc. Aromatherapy is a proven science and has many such scents that can wipe away the stress. A personal favorite are auyrvedic soaps , I love the earthy and clayey smell they possess, one whiff and it takes me to a calm place. It need not be true for all.

(7) Art

Coloring, painting, sketching, sculpturing, knitting, the list is endless. There are so many kinds and types of art one can engage in. Art is very therapeutic. You don’t need to be a great artist for it to do it effect on you. I’m not a very artistic person but coloring is my stress killer. Coloring gives me so much joy and keep my mind clear.

(8) Music

For some people, some calm and soothing music will work wonderfully to get them to calm down. Especially some instrumental music would be great.

(9) Beach or mountain top

To be one with nature can be the most relaxing thing to do. That’s why going for a walk is so effective and suggested. Going to a beach, walking on the sand with your bare feet or sitting and watching the waves gush to and forth and just being there in that moment. Similarly if you could go to a mountain top and just enjoy that wonderful view.

(10)Meditation or Yoga

Both meditation and yoga are a more continuous, daily basis thing that you must do to have good results. Just like exercise. If you make it a part of your routine you are sure to feel energized and positive. Your thoughts will obtain a clarity and your body will surely follow your mind.

Our mind is our source to a healthy body. Prayer, Exercise & Healthy eating habits will help us build a healthy mind and in effect us to be stress free.

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Commercial Milk Additives – Are They A Must? By Krisha Krishnani & Dr. Umesh Vaidya

Commercial Milk Additives – Are They A Must? By Krisha Krishnani & Dr. Umesh Vaidya

Dr. Umesh Vaidya and Krishna Krishnani have come out with a book named Good Food For Kids. It comprises of simple recipes, homemade or mommy-made recipes for babies from 6 months old and upwards.

Simultaneously they have put up some of their material on Instagram and on WordPress. Their latest blog talks about the commercially available health drinks like Complan, Boost, Bournvita, Pediasure etc. They give you a breakdown of the constituents and you can decide whether you really want your children hooked onto it or not.

The most interesting part for me is that they provide healthy, homemade alternatives for milk taste enhancers!

Do read the whole article and think ten times before you give it to your children!