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Quote of the day #22

When it comes to parenting, L. R. Knost is my favorite person. Some of the things she shares hits your heart so hard and yet so gently. Being a parent is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life.

Just imagine, small human beings dependent on you, awaiting your guidance and help. You have to be so conscious in everything you do. They are watching and they are learning. They become the individuals you model them to be, from the environment and circumstances that you have provided.

Like most things in life, we tend to look at our parenting and try to decide is if good or bad, right or wrong, but that shouldn’t be the case. Parenting is a journey. You learn something everyday and you use that tomorrow to learn something more, teach something more and always love more.

You have to strive to be a better person/ parent than you were yesterday. Take it one day at a time. You owe it to your future you! And your minis too!

Daily Living · health


I got my second dose yesterday. My husband and I hurried to get a vaccine each in the hopes of going home for the summer holidays. It had almost been two years and had taken a toll on us. But alas the situation is no good and going to India is a very questionable situation. All thanks to the virus and it’s variants and mutations.

After the first shot, I had headaches and so I was expecting some difficulty as everybody said the second dose gives more discomfort.

Promptly symptoms started cropping up, headaches to joint pains, chills, slight fever, body pain. Thanks to painkillers and my husband having no side effects, I had some rest. I feel much better now and hope to be fine tomorrow.

In the morning while I lie in pain, clenching my knees, rubbing my head in pain, wanting to be hugged by my mother, I couldn’t but think of all the covid patients in hospitals, alone, in pain, breathless! It is truly one of the most sadistic illnesses ever, you can’t even take care of your loved one. How horrible is that.

Our health, our sanity, our social bonds are all put to the test. May we take this period one day at a time, and May we be able to see the end soon.

Peace & Good health to all ✌🏼


The Small Things

I came across this poem by LR Knost, and was instantly in love with it. She has penned down exactly what I want my children to have and experience. The small things which we take for granted, they are the things of life. We have to pause to enjoy them, we have to pause to help our children to learn to enjoy them!